Chang Feng Pipe Review/RE: Self Worth

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Smoking my latest purchase and responding to Jay’s video about Self Worth.

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PipeSmokerDale says:

@SmokingFists Yeah I completely agree, money is a great thing but not when
it becomes something you need to have to be happy. Way too much time and
energy is spent on chasing money because people equate money with happiness
which is never good.

SmokingFists says:

Great looking pipe! A lot of good point made in this video. Quality of life
doesn’t necessarily correlate to how much money you earn. One of the most
important things we can do for ourselves is make sure that we enjoy our
lives, whatever that means. If you can do that better with a lower-paying
job that still takes care of your expenses, then why not do that? There are
certainly many benefits to having lots of money, but chasing it at the
expense of your happiness seems very counter intuitive.

PipeSmokerDale says:

@dighsx Thanks Jay, I saw the way my parents lived being slaves to their
jobs and getting in debt because they felt they had to have certain things,
it just caused alot of stress.

Jay Dighsx says:

That pipe really seems like a winner. I think the mindset we gotta get out
of is that money is everything. Cuz it’s not. Big tip of the hat to you
that you figured that out early. All the best, Jay

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