Buddha’s Salvia Trip (Hilarious)

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This is Buddha tripping hard on just 7x Salvia. He started halucinating before he even exhaled.

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kat rose says:

Lmao jokes he was jokes love it ?

biggun dallas says:

the point where your friends wont shut the fuck up, and annoy you while
your tripping by talking and laughing at you way to much. Like half way
into a trip hes gonna be like all coherent and tell them what he
sees.,,,,not peaceful to be harassed while ball tripping…….?

William Grand says:

damn dude…. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I had to come back and see this again!?

kajjagoogoo says:

look at that fat fucking fijian, hawaiian, samoan mother fucker trip!!

Vagextrol says:

Was that brain cells dying ?

David Braun says:

yes, to the two posters before, the comments are really annoyng and

Nick28cc says:

@Jasonftw101 its makin me wanna try :P

Merrida100 says:

Oooh. You sure told me. Were you the chick filming and not giving a damn
then? Great sitter. O’ wise one.

pugs2300 says:

@proceedapathy yea it can be a hard to deal with sometimes for me….i tend
to have very different experiences….the book closing feeling is not a
good one at all…actually i would say its very bad feeling..but all the
other experiences ive had are amazing..the best trip ive had on salvia i
was turned into the carpet in the room i was in…strange feeling being
carpet..can’t really explain it but it was cool as hell untill someone
started ripping up the carpet and rolling it up to through out

Jorje Tostitos says:

Im sorry if u ofended any one with my racist comments

Marc Gill says:

@TheScrewed0ver … very true.. Cameras dont bother me on Salvia but i can
see how it does..

brumartube says:

One of the best salvia video. He seems to got the cosmic joke. His bro is a
bit distracting, but he is not mocking nor really perturbing. It’s easy to
find much worst sitters on youtube. I love salvia so much :)

alexluvpug says:

i cant get up lmfao…….

Fabian .Pinzón says:

he says lol ohh lollol

n0s1r says:

Mikey likes it! Hey Mikey!!

Christopher Banacka says:

wow i never such a hard trip from something below 20x hahah

te3ny says:

haha that shit is so funny :)

MtnMig says:

Man this made me laugh almost as much as him – I’m still freaking laughing.

4pples says:

He reminds me of the double rainbow guy lol

Gravedigga4Life says:

Saliva the GREATEST herb ever !!!

invaderjay says:

They have no connection between their perception and their body. Letting
them “run free” is the worst thing you could do to someone on salvia as
they could hurt themselves. I hope that you’re kidding and that if you’re
ever the sober “sitter” you don’t take your own advice, as that would make
you a terrible friend.

WhoAr3You says:

Im glad I dont have friends like those two morons..@sses

I never read thhe terms and conditions says:

@bohizfoshiz stupid nigger trash

Blaze2295 says:

Salvia is no joke it knocked me out for almost an hour

astrosteve says:

Oh man, it stopped right as he was describing his trip. That’s always the
best part.

pedarikarhu says:

@testarn2010 I think he means that the SITTER is amateur. Drop the egoism,
specially on hallucinogenics, theres nothing to be proud of.

ajsteel14 says:

your at kami’s place LOLLLLLLLL! XD

Snivelling LittleShitt says:

You shouldnt ask questions.. it confuses the fuck out of the person on the
salvia.. just keep quiet.. try not to laugh.. and do nothing, unless they
need reassurance that everything is ok, or they look like they may do
something that will cause them harm… you can laugh and ask as much as you
like afterwards.

Bustanutpickle says:

Look at that nigga head lol.

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