Blue Lotus Smoke Review

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I’m doing a different smoke review I promised you, a mood relaxer, called, Blue Lotus, completely legal herb.

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MikTheAsianMan says:

Okay, izzy elinson, if I’m short on brain cells, then you’re short on brain
cells too for watching this video and posting dumb comments here that make
no sense. Maybe you need to get a brain transplant or grow a brain.?

gsxwrx says:

dude i got the same cheap ass bong as you?

izzy elinson says:

What is wrong with you nigga??

Todd Vickers says:

Great blue lotus review bro!?

TheMorbiousStone says:

never use a zippo dude wtf?

MotherfuckerJohnson says:

we have the same bong! :D ?

girlintheatic says:

Where did you purchase it from? I’m gonna try some of that.?

Marc Ecko says:

I was able to psychic channel spirits after long term use of blue lotus.
Below is the effects according to which is the same as
I experienced.

Effects: Many people relate to an expanded state of awareness with feelings
of a psychic opening of the higher chakras, especially the 6th, or the

The sacred flower seems to produce a subtle, high-level, expanded state of
consciousness that may have been used in ceremonial meditation and magic.
Energy workers have reported a heightened sense of psychic energy and the
ability to better utilize these higher states in their practices.

Many people also use the Sacrament to enhance meditation, utilizing the
dreamy, trance-like effects to reinforce an alpha-state. Using the
Sacrament before bedtime has also been reported to induce lucid dreaming.

Truth Speller says:

Your cool dude I like your stuff on here…

MikTheAsianMan says:

Thanks, bro!

Ronnie Barrios says:

try adding ice to your bong

MikTheAsianMan says:

Next time, I will. Have you tried Wild Dagga, Kratom or other legal herbs?

RAKDOS A says:

I made tea out of it and it was AMAZING ,it was like a weak version of weed
or “MDMA ” (or so I think ,Ive never taken X) . I smoked it in a joint
alone and it was an easy smoke but I noticed that my dad said it smelled
terrible like burning plastic but I didnt smell anything . Strange thing is
that the day after I smoked it ( about 4 days ago ) I noticed that I had a
horrible sore throat ,even to this moment , but then again I sort of had a
cold for a week before , I dont think I smoke it more

MikTheAsianMan says:

I have smoked a lot of things during my lifetime. Whatever works best for

RAKDOS A says:

I think i am going to stick with the tea until I have proof that it didnt
cause or agravate my sore throat . Up to you , if you like smoking it and
it doesnt mess up your throat then thats great , actually , the actual
smoking wasnt bad at all ,”I” couldnt notice any particular smell or
harshness to the smoke .

Trenton Reed says:

soak it in wine for 2 weeks and eat that shit then wait for 20 mins-1 hour.
you will feel fuckin amazing and it is also a sexual aphrodaziac.

tony1572 says:


onimotoko says:

You clearly do not know anything about this plant. The Egyptians had it up
on their walls for a reason…

skylabx2000 says:


MikTheAsianMan says:

It was the 420 site. Sorry, if answered the question before.

MikTheAsianMan says:

I don’t it anymore, TBH.

kyleme says:

i wanna smoke with you!

MikTheAsianMan says:

I heard a lot of people suggest it, but I wouldn’t soak it wine. I get
tipsy after only one sip of wine, that’s why I stay away from alcohol, not
to mention it makes me flush.

The Amanita says:

Through extensive searching, I’ve only been able to see people saying Blue
Lotus & Blue Lily is very safe, but never even hinted they were dangerous.
Do you happen to know any possible adverse reactions, from experience or
just knowledge? (And I really enjoyed your video, keep making more great
videos!) Also, you should add me to your contacts so we can private message
more in depth about the subject.

MikTheAsianMan says:

Nevermind this punk, TomJohn1970. He’s just a loser who has no life outside
youtube that he creates over 50 different accounts on youtube and his brain
is the size of a pea.

Sward Play says:

well if you can share some websites that would be great

Tarik E says:

I know he doesnt clear it but he still takes fat ass hits

stephan quinones says:

I smock weed all the time but I really wanna try blue lotus how’s it fills

PedofiIe says:

I haven’t gone on Youtube for a long time since I rarely use my time for
the internet. Yet unintentionally, I found you from a video that has
nothing to do with you. Such a coincidence, yes. Anyways, I don’t know if
that’s cannabis, but it doesn’t look like a good idea to use that.

Matt White says:

Hey Mik, can you tell me where to get a grinder like that? I am planning on
using a mixture of Blue, White, and Sacred lotuses along with some Kanna,
possibly with some Wild Dagga when I get a job and the money to. Also, does
the grinder make the herbs into a fine powder? I’m kinda hoping that I can
roll the mix into cigs. Thanks for your time.

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