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Kratom has been in the news for the past few years mainly because some people have been using its leaves as a drug that can give them a high akin to some banned narcotics. In Thailand, the plant has been banned since 1943. People of Southern Thailand use it to withstand the long hours toiling in the sun working in rice fields. To know more about go:

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Shurupadi says:

Agree this is a very information video keep up the good? videos!!

konartis2 says:

theirs alot of kratom vids on? here that need to be taken down…

AlexStenka says:

whoever made this vid should take it down? asap.

Harthurian says:

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konartis2 says:

thanks, people who watch this video, please respect the plant so it doesnt get made illegal. I just hope people? do but i know their is many people that dont respect it and dont care..

alfatihabdullah says:

Nice presentation, good informative.? well done!!

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