Bali Kratom 50x Extract Review

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Close Trying out some high-strength Bali Kratom extract and reporting on the effects. Some more …

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MrTomuk93 says:

Mixed 3g of powdered premium bali powder in a Ping of Pure OJ, got the warm
fuzziness in about 10mins state of extreme relaxation for an hour then it
tapered off, I’ve ordered some gel caps because the texture of powder
suspended in the juice was tickling the gag reflex, 4-5g next time, maybe
Monday evening…
If you want a little one dose baggy sending over I’ll gladly oblige :)

I will be trying different suppliers in case the potency varies by much,
but really helps relieve a lot of achiness and stress, ?

Vladivostok says:

Very informative, I’ve only tried kratom I got for free from ordering off
websites but I could never get it to work.?

MrTomuk93 says:

Nitrous would make an interesting mix by the sounds of this :) ?

MrTomuk93 says:

Just ordered 25g of powdered bali Kratom (not extracted) I’ll be giving a
5g dose a try when it arrives apparently “toss and wash” or a fruit
smoothie are more effective and less unpleasant tasting :) ?

adz360adz says:

Thai is a nice one mate they also have stronger red vein strains on there
too, I tend not to use it to regularly and at first I did but this is the
wrong way to go about it,
so i took it like everyday for a week or so and the addictive potential is
pretty low most people say its like being addicted to coffee/caffeine,
But I really only felt slightly irritable, runnyish nose and if you look up
kratom stem and vein powder is said to contain alkaloids to ‘reset’
tolerance levels which you may receive a free pouch of this when you order
from them I received one with my order :) peace! ?

SebbeSucksBawlz says:

Going to bed at 4.30am and just about waking up in time for daylight?
Nocturnal creature like me then I see. Nighttime is the best time to take
drugs though I reckon (or be awake at without drugs).?

Doug Ruddle says:

I always mix honey with my kratom, makes it more pleasurable to drink. :) ?

Dave Nicholson says:

Hmm sounds nice. Too bad it did not dissolve all the way.?

Croatan Forge says:

Why didn’t run that thru a expresso machine with a pinch of oily hash??

adz360adz says:

Oh and extracts will put your tolerance up quickly and they often are only
concentrated 7-hydroxymitragynine where as the leaf contains different
levels of other alkaloids and I think there’s only a couple full spectrum
extracts about but yeah I think the leaf is better than extracts,
peace! ?

adz360adz says:

Awesome mate! They do have good deals and I usually go for the 25g pouch
and about 2-4g in a cup of tea and for a real strong dose 6-10g but most
likely to be nausea involved at 10g’s at least for me anyways :) ?

adz360adz says:

Dude you should buy kratom from I’ve tried they’re red
vein strains A+ shizz ?


I use Kratom to treat chronic pain. I have late stage lyme disease,
babesia, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. I had trouble walking
due to excruciating, chronic pain. I spent most of my time on the couch or
in bed. I was unable to work.
I was perscribed hydrocode, medical marijuana,and Lyrica. I always felt
spaced out, dizzy, and sick. I found the three perscribed meds ineffective
at controlling my pain.
Since then I discovered kratom. I cant describe how effective it is at
managing pain.
It helps my IBS, it shuts my pain right off for hours and hours, it uplifts
my mood (its easy to become depressed in this situation) and it doesnt make
me feel out of sorts like the opiate pain killers did.
Ive since stopped taking all the meds that I was perscribed, I work a few
days a week, Im able to run after, and play with my daughter. (for the
first time in her life) and for the first time in a long time I feel like
Im living my life!
Kratom saved my life, I was close to giving up. My quality of life would
greatly suffer if I no longer has access to this gentle, wonderfull,
natural, safe herb?

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