a blunt of blue lotus

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tafbutton blue16 a blunt of blue lotus


polishkilla94 says:

The plain flowers of blue lotus are almost pointless to smoke- u need like
at least 4-5 grams and that kills ur lungs. instead i got some Blue lotus
15x extract off of eBay for only 4.79 and free shipping and it works really
nice, gives a nice buzz and gets u in a great mood- and it mixes awesome
with alcohol or weed

polishkilla94 says:

@S4CKDI2AGON Yeah i’d sprinkle it ovr some neutral leaf/plant matter like
oregano to act as a fine screen- if u just hit powder u would probly inhale
a lot of ‘dust’

215Dave215 says:

@806kaze Stalag Y2K – Buju Banton

chevylove87 says:

im tokin for u guys

JoHnE40 says:

wtf is that?

RayBrandon23 says:

did it work in a blunt

dgk990 says:

hit that Blue L son.

215Dave215 says:

@806kaze Nevermind. Stalag is just the rhythm. Song name is bam-bam by
sister nancy.


@polishkilla94 i bought the same stuff. do you just load it in a bowl or do
you sprinkle it over something?

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